yanaika media

Yanaika Media

Yanaika wanted a fun and personal logo for her own website to add all her content. This is the end result.

Hair creations logo

This brand wished for a new look and I made this for them. They wanted a classic, fresh, expensive look.

Jolie Lot Logo

Jolie Lot is a blogger. She had a logo but she didn't like it anymore. The keywords where: clean, expensive but original.



I made this logo for my own little shop. I love the simplicity with a little detail in the logo.

Nikita holst logo

Ofcourse I had to make a logo for myself. I made a handwritten logo which expresses my creativity.


Manouk van Dalm Logo

Manouk is a starter and was looking for a logodesign. She wanted something hand written and we ended up with this unique handwriting logo. 

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-02 om 15.55.47.png

Spring is in the air

Melvin started his company and asked if I could create a logo for him. It is about trampoline jumping so we thought to bring it out in the logo and here you go.


daylliance logo

Daylliance was still looking for her identity while they had another logo. They wanted a more mature logo and this is what it came to be. Find more of my work for Daylliance here.