Nikita HOLST

Freelance Graphic designer, Illustrator and Photographer


Left to right: The triplets - Nikita, Yanaika & Aranka



Franska, Amayzine, The Gift Label, OUI Online, Supermooi Media, Rubysense, Always July, Daylliance, ModeMusthaves, iModels App, Stick To The Brand, 4ever With Everyone, Lynn Fashion Agency, Jolie Lot, Promnight, Elise Store and more. 

Kvk: 65068580

She is a 24-year-old flower living in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Good work and happy little moments in life make her bloom. She discovered her passion for graphic design at an early age. That’s when she started experimenting with building websites and making artwork in Paint Shop Pro.

It didn't take long before she had her first camera and began taking pictures. She is a lover of dreamy situations that can't be explained. Sunlight is her favourite 'light' to shoot with, which gives a mysterious vibe in here photos. Here style of photography as well as graphic design can be described as dreamy and feminine.

She followed her dreams and graduated in Graphic Design and finished a minor Photography. Since januari 2016, she has been working as a freelancer, always open for new opportunities.

The variety between photography and graphic design helps her reach full potential in her creativity. All the things she loves to do comes together.

Are you looking for someone to create all of her work with passion? You are in the right place! She makes things from scratch: specialized in print, magazine and typographic design, illustration and portrait & fashion photography.

Dream projects
- Editorial shoots
- Apparel collaboration
- Anything involving travel


Summer ‘18 - Spain, Barcelona. Mossen Costs i Llobera Garden